Thursday, May 21, 2009

2009 Trip Day 9 - May 21

A couple of odds and ends to include before I start today's post:

Peggy wanted to include the fact that she got some New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Ponchatoula Strawberry and teases the fate of her stomach with a couple of spoonfuls a day.

Things that amuse me:

When we were right off Magazine Street the other day, I saw a sign on a church that said "For Sale By Owner".

Overheard conversations:

1st person "What should we do now?" Second person " I think we should get more beer"

Overheard from someone on cell phone "I've had you know... like too much too drink already"

Now on to today's post:

Over the river and through the woods.....ok, just over the river and through Terry Town to Thrift City's 1/2 price clothing sale. As I was looking in the books, some old guy (probably about my age) was bragging to me about all of the valuable books he had found in Thrift City. He pointed to the bottom shelf and said he just didn't feel like stooping down for the low ones. I took a look and lo and behold a copy of Teen Cuisine with the Peter Max cover. I pulled it out and said " you're right, here's a 25.00 book." He just got a sick look on his face and walked away.

We were going to try to find another thrift store, but traffic was snarled due to road work and we got in the wrong lane, so just made it back to 90 and crossed back into New Orleans over the toll road.

Since we had that not so good bbq sandwich yesterday, I decided that it would be nice to go to The Joint for some real bbq.

We both had chopped pork sandwiches with slaw, plus I had a side of bake macaroni. Peggy had the Green Salad with smoked tomato & onion dressing. With a coke and a tea, our bill was 18.00. The Joint has bbq that is like what we have back home and finding good bbq in New Orleans is not easy. The Joint is the only place we have ever found in New Orleans that has good bbq.

We went back to the Napoleon House for dinner and split a 1/2 of muffuletta, plus their tap was working, so we had 3 amber bocks - 18.00

We went to DBA to see Paul Sanchez. He had Matt Perrine (tuba player) and Alex McMurray (sort of like Randy Newman but with guitar instead of piano) with him.

We finished out the night with the rest of the doberge squares from Dorignac's.

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