Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 Trip Day 3 - May 15

We decided to go to a yard sale on Orleans before breakfast, but once we got there, we found that it didn't open until noon.

So then we decided to go to Cafe Fleur De Lis for breakfast. On the way we saw the kickoff for the Louisiana Seafood 2009 "Bonne Crevette" or Good Shrimp season. They had a small brass band, but I unfortunately did not work the camera correctly and didn't get a movie. Oh Well. Plus we got to witness a horse and buggy running into a car as it was trying to turn the corner. The young girl driving the car was not was her bosses car, not hers.

At Fleur De Lis, Peggy had blueberry pancakes and I had buttermilk pancakes, with two sodas - $18.00. After breakfast we walked down to Decatur to check out Peaches Record Store. Although they did actually have some new vinyl albums, the store just did not impress us. Although, they have a good location, The Louisiana Music Factory is a much better store.

On the way back to the apartment, we saw Mr.Okra, the produce man who drives in his colorful truck all over the Quarter and Marigny, singing his wares over a loud speaker.

"I got strawberries...I got blueberries..I got cantaloupe..I got peaches..I got grapes..I got eggplant..I got orange potatoes." He was stopped so we didn't get a video. However, at the bottom of this post, I will embed a Morning 40 Federation video that features Mr. Okra.

We made it back to the yard sale around 3pm and found out that it wasn't any good. So, we strolled through the flea market part of the French Market and got a case for our camera.

Peggy then reminded me that we hadn't had lunch, so we went to the Napoleon House and split a half of a muffuletta. Their draft Amber Bock was out (this seems to happen here a lot), so we just had a couple of soft drinks. - $11.00, cheapest meal we have had. We consider the Napoleon House muffs to be the best. And this one today was super tasty.

After resting a while, we decided to go to Rotolo's for just a couple of slices of pizza, since we had a late lunch. And what a surprise when about 2 blocks from the apartment, we ran into our old friend Danny. After talking for a bit, he decided to go to Rotolo's with us. We split a pepperoni pizza and had 3 drinks - 21.00.

Morning 40 Federation featuring Mr. Okra:

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