Sunday, May 24, 2009

2009 Trip Day 12 - May 24

Is this Friday the 13th?

First Hank got under Peggy's feet and tripped her up and she ended up on the floor almost on top of Hank. Both of them seem to be ok though. Then we took a hike to The Cakeman to get a slice of cake for our late night snack, only to find that they had no cake, only cupcakes, and a very long line! We chose not to wait just for cupcakes.

We ended up going by Croissant D'Or and confusing the girl there because now she knows what we get for breakfast and had started setting up a tray for us. We had to stop her and tell her we were taking croissants "to go" today. Plus we got a couple of snacks for later.

And on top of all of this we drove out to Belle Chase to the Plaquemines Parish Heritage and Seafood Festival and it was a bust. We went there last year and it was small, but pretty decent. This year it was even smaller and NO Char Broiled Oysters. And it rained while we were there, but at least they had a tent to get under.

The only good spot of the festival was that we had a great roast beef poboy - 6.00 ....of course when you count the 10.00 admission fee and the 1.00 raffle ticket we bought....I guess you could say that the poboy actually cost of 17.00! Peggy did get a free Census 2010 canvas totebag, so that is something, I guess.

Back to the FQ where parking is HELL on the weekends. And this is a long weekend.

After walking Hank and having a brief rest. We both were hungry and since we hadn't eaten any roast beef in a few hours, we decided to go to Acme and try their roast beef poboy plus have some boo fries. Luckily the line was fairly short and since we agreed to sit at the regular bar, we only had to wait a few minutes. They had a great roast beef debris po boy and of course the boo fries were good. with 2 Barq's, our bill was 21.00. Acme had one huge line by time we got out, so we were lucky on our timing.

For dinner we called Mona Lisa and ordered a sandwich called the Mona Lisa Special - Pepperoni, ham, bacon, mozzarella cheese with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard and mayo. It also came with black olives and mushrooms, but we asked to leave them off, since we are fans of neither. It was a huge sandwich with a side of pasta salad. Below is a photo of 1/2 of the sandwich. It was super good. It was 9.00 and we actually had 1/4 of it left over.

We finished out the night with a chocolate mousse dome and a raspberry croissant that we had gotten earlier from Croissant D'or.

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