Friday, May 29, 2009

2009 Trip Day 17 - May 29

We ate a couple of pieces of the Cajun Kringle (which didn't seem to have as much filling as last year) for breakfast and then washed a few clothes at the corner washerette.

I got hungry around 1pm and we wanted to eat a little something light. We decided on either K-Pauls and split a dish or The Green Goddess since they would be "small plates". We decided to go by The Green Goddess first and see if we could get a seat inside, since we're not much for eating at outside tables. They had some tables inside and as we went in, someone was saying "Peggy, Peggy". Since most of the people we knew have moved away, it was a complete and nice surprise to see Marrus. She and Peggy have been emailing back and forth to see if Marrus was going to set up anywhere while we were here and we could get another print (unfortunately, we can't afford the real thing).

Peggy had the Acadian Country Breakfast (2 boudin patties inside sweet potato biscuits with pepper jelly and Steens Cane Syrup and Grits on the side).

I had the Da Meatloaf Sandwich (bison and bacon meatloaf dressed with Creole mustard, arugula, tomatoes, and roasted garlic aioli, and Nueske’s bacon).

To drink we had 1 Abita Root Beer and 1 Lychee Ginger Mint “Julep” made with Lychee puree, ginger syrup, ginger beer & muddled mint. Non-alcoholic since Chris has not received his liquor license yet. However, I had a hard time convincing myself that it wasn't alcoholic, since it left a slight burn in your throat.

So the "small plates" were not so small and we were stuffed when we finished. Chef Paul, who works the lunch shift, did an excellent job on both dishes.

We went to DBA and caught Ingrid Lucia's first set and on the way back to the apartment we watched saw Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham and the movie crew for the Expendables. The best thing we saw was Stallone leaving in a fancy red sports car and driving just like you would think Stallone would drive - all out.

After a brief stop at the apartment, we went to Mona Lisa for the Mona Lisa Special Sandwich, with a couple of sodas, our bill was only 13.00. One of the cheapest meals we have eaten.

After dinner, we went back to Esplanade and hung out and watched the movie people some more. Stallone was walking around with his cigar and giving directions. We finally did get to see a little action, when Jason Statham rode a motorcycle up the street a couple of times.


  1. Looo - it was good to see you both again;) I just got back from...yup...Da Green Goddess - AGAIN. Mmmm...

    I MUST hunker down, behave myself, finish the book, and adhere to my diet. All this good eatin' & drinkin' ain't gonna rid me of this extra 30 pounds;)


  2. It was great seeing you too! Our son has just got in and we are heading down to The Green Goddess in a few minutes.