Thursday, May 14, 2009

2009 Trip Day 2 - May 14

We had a light breakfast at Croissant D'or - 2 raspberry croissants and split a coke(4.65). Just enough to keep us going until lunch.

Then we headed out for the Symphony Book Sale at Delgado College. It's a pretty good sale and we got 3 bags of books, videos,cds, and one dvd.

It was almost 1 when we left there, so we were ready for lunch. We decided to check Liuzza's by The Track to see if they were busy and were easily able to get a table. We split a reuben, I got a cup of gumbo and Peggy got a side of potato salad(21.00). Peggy thought the meat was tough, I thought it was pretty good, but The Sandwich Shack in Chesnee has a better reuben. The biggest disappointment was the gumbo. They use to have one of the best. This tasted more like beef stew with a couple of pieces of shrimp on top. LBTT has just never been as good since the storm and they lost their original cook.

A quick Wal Mart trip to stock up on supplies. Between the people who actually work there and the other shoppers all cutting in front of me, it made me wish that I was at the Berea WalMart.....and I hate the Berea Walmart.

We did get to see the Tide's Loads of Hope Free Laundry Service. It was set up in the top part of the WalMart parking lot.

After we got back and parked, I managed to close the back lid of the car on my head giving me another knot on my head.

On the way out for dinner we saw the acrobatic street performers that were on America's Got Talent. Hopefully, I will get a video upload of them on in the next few days.

We had dinner at Acme, a dozen charbroiled oysters and 2 Barq's(23.00).

Strolled by Chris DeBarr's new restaurant, The Green Goddess, and he was just going back into the restaurant. He said he hopes to open by Wednesday.

Finished out the night with apple cobbler for Peggy and coconut cake for me from the Quartermaster(5.00)

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