Thursday, May 28, 2009

2009 Trip Day 16 - May 28

We went out Jefferson Highway for 2 reasons. One to hit a couple of thrift stores, the other to get to Haydel's Bakery.

The Salvation Army Thrift was clean and pretty good, although we didn't get much there. There was too much good stuff and it made "shopping" overwhelming. The Red White and Blue Thrift was huge and noisy, we got nothing at this one.

Stopped by Haydel's and got 2 almond croissants and a Cajun Kringle.

Then it was time for lunch. We swung by River Shack and they looked packed, we drove by Crabby Jack's and their parking lot was full. So we just drove on back into town and went over to The Joint. We had 2 BBQ sandwiches with slaw, sides of baked mac and cheese and potato salad and 2 drinks - 18.00.

It has turned H-O-T today and we hid out in the apartment during the afternoon, waiting for things to cool down.

We left out about 7 and went to Acme for charbroiled oysters, with 2 drinks - 23.00. We got sat at a double two top with a couple from Virginia. They were our age and this was their first visit to New Orleans. They came because it was their anniversary and New Orleans was on the husband's "bucket list". They were nice dining companions.

Desserts were the almond croissants from Haydels:

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