Wednesday, May 13, 2009

2009 Trip Day 1 - May 13

This should have actually been day 2, but since we were sick on 11th, had to wait an extra day before we left.

In bed with lights out before midnight. Gonna sleep until 5am. Yeah right...woke up and looked at clock at 3:45 and never did get back to sleep good.

We pulled out the drive way around 6:30am est and made it to New Orleans around 4:30pm cst. I think this works out to 11 hours traveling time. A little slower, but still a surprise, since it took forever to get through Atlanta and we really didn't start to pick up any time until we got on the other side of Montgomery.

Apartment looked good at first, but actually had LOTS of hidden dirt. Peggy has probably already put several hours into trying to get it up to snuff.

We picked up a white pizza(10.00) from Mona Lisa in order to watch Lost. Great pizza, but very unusual to get a pizza cut into 7 slices! We also munched on a couple of Hubigs.

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