Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009 Trip Day 14 - May 26

No breakfast today. We left early to go back to Joey K's - We split the reuben again plus I had a cup of gumbo and Peggy had a cup of corn crab bisque, they were both quite tasty. The bisque was loaded with crab and the gumbo was the first decent gumbo that I have had this trip. The reuben didn't quite have as much meat as last time, but was still good. We also split a bread pudding. Total - 30.00.

After lunch we walked around in an antique mall nearby. Prices were outrageous, but they had LOTS of STUFF to look at and it was interesting to browse around.

Then we headed back over to Dorignac's to pick up some more doberge squares for later and a few other odds and ends. By the time we got back and walked Hank, I was worn out. Could be from not ever getting a good night's sleep because of the noises that come from next door at all times of the night.
Or I could just be old and eating makes me tired :-)

Even though we ate early, neither one of us was very hungry, so we went to Remoulade and split an order of meat pies and a boudin link, with 2 sodas - 18.00. They make their own meat pies, instead of like most places that just heat up Mrs. Wheat's meat pies(which are also tasty). It's strange at Remoulade, everything is very good and flavorful, except for the fries that come with the meat pies, they are probably the most tasteless fries I have ever had. We really should tell them to leave them off the plate, since we never eat them, but I'm afraid the plate would look skimpy without them.

After dinner we walked on down Bourbon and caught the brass band on the corner. This is the first time we have seen them this trip, but it could be because we don't usually walk all the way down Bourbon to Canal. These kids can sure blow!

We went down a block on Bourbon and walked back up Royal most of the way, then cut back over to Bourbon and back to the apartment. Walked Hank, ate some doberge squares and watched Heaven's Prisoners with Alec Baldwin, a New Orleans filmed movie that we found at the book sale just after arriving.

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