Saturday, May 23, 2009

2009 Trip Day 11 - May 23

There had been a threat of a lot of rain coming this way, but it veered toward Mississippi. We were grateful since today was Bayou Boogaloo. We arrived just a little after 11am, which was opening time, so not too many people there at first. They didn't have as many arts and crafts booths as last year, but they did have more food booths.

After getting a fresh squeezed lemonade, we had crab cakes. I always get crab cakes if a festival has them. We were going to get crawfish and green onion sausage next, since we had the same last year, but it wasn't quite ready, so the guy asked me if I wanted some boudin, since they had it ready. Here's a photo, as you can see, he just looked like a man you would want to buy boudin from!

Next Peggy had a strawberry daiquiri and we walked around deciding if we should eat dessert next, or maybe something else before dessert. We decided to go back to where we got the crab cakes, since they had bread pudding. But on the way, we passed by the boudin stand again and had to stop for one more link, it was just that good.

We finished off with some bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Everything we ate was good and I think our total was around 21.00.

For dinner we went to Mona Lisa to avoid the weekend crowds...I hate tourists :-)

We had our normal meal there - 2 salads, white garlic pizza, couple of sodas - 20.00.

After dinner, I told Peggy let's take a stroll, so we walked down Royal until we heard the church bells ringing at St. Louis Cathedral. We thought they must have had a wedding and went to check out the wedding procession (aka parade in NOLA) but it had already started. We went around the block the opposite way and caught back up with them on Royal and then we continued on down Royal with a swing down Canal (got to see the new huge CVS). Then Peggy figured out she had gotten conned into walking back to the apartment via Bourbon....Hey, it's Saturday night and I can do lots of people watching!

For a late night snack we had small lemon and cherry pies we picked up from Loretta's at the French Market.

A final miscellaneous: the other night when I was buying cigarettes at Walgreens, the clerk said " Can I see your ID", then he glanced up at me and just said "Oh"....I think I got the message :-)

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