Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2009 Trip Day 15 - May 27

We left out early to go to The Bridge House Thrift Store on Airline Highway. It's a pretty good thrift store, with everything marked up and then 1/2 off....must work for them. Plus, we found that today, some things were 75 per cent off and if you were over 55, books, videos, cds were 25 per cent off. With all of our discounts we got two bags full, plus a Twitty City plate for 36.00.

We drove back into the city and went to Cafe Reconcile for lunch. There weren't as many people eating there today, plus not as many workers. And the workers that they did have, looked like they thought they were prisoners! Didn't see many of the workers that looked like they would every make it in the service industry. I had the catfish poboy again with potato salad. Peggy had catfish with green beans and garlic mashed potatoes. Plus we had their award winning bananas foster bread pudding. Our tab with 2 drinks was 26.00.

After an afternoon rest we went to the Wednesday Music at Lafayette Square. We went primarily to get Peggy her Nectar Sno Ball, but once we got there we had white beans with tasso, andouille sausage and rice and a strawberry kiwi tea from Between the Bread. Both of these were really good.

I saw that the restaurant Zoe had fish tacos and I always wanted to try one. Well, now I can say I had one and while it wasn't bad it was just ok, just not really to my taste. But they had fancy plastic plates to serve them on.

Then we got our nectar sno ball and went around front to watch a local cover/party band - Bag of Donuts.They really put on a great show.

After a very brief stop back at the apartment, we went to DBA to check out The Tin Men. I always thought this was going to be some type of all horn jazz band, but when I checked earlier today, I saw that it was Alex McMurray, Washboard Chaz, and Matt Perine. We have seen all of these at one time or the other but never together in one band. They say that they are the #1 sousaphone, washboard, guitar trio in the World :-)

So, not only did I discover another favorite band, but this was a full and fun day in New Orleans.

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