Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2009 Trip Day 6 - May 18

This morning we went back to Croissant D'or for a couple of croissants - blueberry and raspberry and a coke - 4.65 for breakfast.

Then we were off to do the laundry at The Clothes Spin. While we were there David called to let us know that he and Carl were coming into town for the day. They finally arrived at the apartment around 1:30 and spent about 15 minutes on a visit. They had already seen Danny and Sandy and were going to get David his frozen coffee from Cafe Du Monde and stop by Petunia's to see an old friend

After they left, we went to Yo Mama's and split a cheddar burger, which was tasty and grilled perfectly. The baked potatoes could have stood a little more time in the oven. With a root beer and a beer - 20.00. I meant to have a photo of the burger, but got so excited by the time it came to the table, that I just started eating!

John and Karl called and invited us to dinner in their courtyard. They also had invited their friend Julie. She was such a nice person and told some stories from her childhood, that I still think about.

John was the cook, server and bartender. I'm not sure exactly of the correct name for the entree. It was small strips of beef (like grillades) with pearl onions baked in a poppy seed dumpling (with some spices that made it taste similar to dressing), topped with a tasty gravy, plus a caesar salad. Dessert was a blueberry and peach cobbler with ice cream and crème fraîche. This was so good! We had such a great meal and a great time.

John is also a very good bartender.....thus the reason that this post for yesterday wasn't done until this morning!

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