Sunday, May 17, 2009

2009 Trip Day 5 - May 17

We started the day with breakfast at La Peniche. Peggy had 2 scrambled eggs (looked more like four) with bacon, toast and grits. I had the pancake. That's correct - The Pancake - it is finally back on the menu - One pancake, bigger than the plate it comes on, plus I added some smoked sausage which was very tasty. With 2 beverages - 24.00.

We stopped by Washington Square where they were having art and entertainment to go along with the tour of Marigny Homes. We stopped and watched a band for a little bit. I have no idea who they were. They started out good and even did a great Mozambique, but then did a terrible version of Angel From Montgomery. It looked like a storm was coming just as they started an original and were back on track to be pretty good.

We got caught in the rain and gradually made our way back to the apartment without getting too soaked. We got some free entertainment on the way back. A drunk who wanted a job at the coffee shop Cafe Envie was mad because they wouldn't give him one. Lots of cursing and arm waving, plus pulling his shirt up and showing his bare chest....this might be some kind of middle eastern thing, since he appeared to be Arabic looking. Anyway, they called the cops, who arrived with a paddy wagon, but alas, he was gone by then, so we didn't get to see an arrest. We did get to hang out with a guy who looked like a young Robert Blake and acted like him too.

Between the rain showers, we were able to go to Boutique du Vampyre where Andrew Fox (author of Fat White Vampire Blues and Bride of the Fat White Vampire) was signing his new book The Good Humor vampires this time around. He was a super nice guy and we got to chat a little bit with him. As soon as we left, rain was coming again and we got just slightly wet on the way back to the apartment.

It continued to rain most of the day. Around five o'clock, we set out for dinner with many choices on our minds. Acme Oyster House was our choice. We split a oyster poboy with Tabasco infused mayonnaise and an order of Boo Fries (cheese fries with roast beef gravy). The oyster poboy was great as usual and the Boo Fries were Oh My God Good!

After leaving Acme we stopped by Southern Candymakers and got a praline to eat then, one for Peggy for later and a white chocolate peanut butter Ritz for me for later. While there, we got a sample of a sweet potato praline...tasted like candied sweet potatoes or a sweet potato souffle.

As I was having a smoke outside on the porch, the black woman that visits Jamie next door offered to give me her cell number in case I got "lonely". When I told her that I had a wife inside, she said that was even better!

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