Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2009 Trip Day 7 - May 19

Since we were going to leave the FQ for lunch and we wanted something light for breakfast, we just went to Cafe Envie and had 2 white chocolate lattes. I've already forgotten how much they cost..over $7 for the two. I had to add a couple of packs of sweetener to mine, but Peggy thought it was fine like it was.

Our destination for lunch was Joey K's on Magazine Street. We had eaten there in the past and while the food was as good as any local neighborhood restaurant in New Orleans, it wasn't anything special. However, I understand that someone new took it over a couple of years ago. It seems like something I heard on The Food Network. The main reason for our visit today was that when we last went to Liuzza's BTT a fellow diner told us that Joey K's had a great reuben. Since Joey's reuben is only served on Tuesday...today was our day.

Well, did it live up to expectations? Oh My, Oh Yes! Peggy declared it the best reuben she had ever had and I think I would have to agree. Not only was the sandwich properly prepared, but the corned beef was so tender, it about melted in your mouth.

The sandwich was so good, we wanted to try one of their desserts. We decided on bread pudding. It had walnuts, apple bits and raisins and what we think was a lightly flavored rum sauce. We forgot to take a photo before we chopped it all up, but did get a photo before we ate very much of it. It was a great end to a great meal. Cost with two sodas - 20.00.

After we left Joey K's, we took a scenic route through neighborhoods ...since I hate getting on the highways here....to Dorignac's to pick up a few goodies from their bakery. We got four squares of doberge cake (2 lemons and 2 chocolates) and a pack of 2 Shoe Soles (pie dough rolled thin, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon & baked until crispy).

For dinner we tried to go to a new place called The Sugar Shack, since they were suppose to have boudin balls and meat pies....but they were out of boudin balls, so we left and went to Remoulade.

At Remoulade we split an order of meat pies, a piece of boudin, and crab boiled potatoes. Everything was good and tasty and spicy, except for the potatoes, which could have used a little more crab boil taste. With 2 cokes - 21.00.

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