Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 16 - October 18

 We skipped breakfast and headed for a book sale in Kenner. La. It was a pretty good sale and we spent $75.00 on items to sell later on Ebay. When we left the sale we topped the gas tank off so we would be ready to roll tomorrow morning. Since we were already on Jefferson Highway, I decided to go back to Crabby Jack's and try a different Po Boy. This one was called Fluer De Bree, it was baked ham, roast beef, with roast beef debris and gravy. Pretty good, but it didn't match up to the Fried Green Tomato one. Mother's has a similar Po Boy and we've tried it also, I just don't get the mix of ham and roast beef. Our total bill at Crabby Jacks with two beverages was $14.00.

Peggy got us partially packed this afternoon and then we went to Drago's and had a dozen char-broiled oysters and a couple of beverages, out total bill was $24.00. We stopped at Rouse's on the way back to the apartment and bought some boudin and a cooler and are hoping to get it home before it spoils. 

After dropping off our groceries, we went to d.b.a to see My Graveyard Jaw featuring Stix duh Clown. They used to perform on the street and did old timey music. We got there near the end of their first set and one song was good, but then he started doing a very sensitive song about how we were treating the earth. I had to leave or either start laughing. I can't stand that kind of crap song, but when it's coming from a man with clown marks permanently tattooed on his face, that's just TOO MUCH for me!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 15 - October 17

We skipped breakfast and went back over the river to the Westbank to check and see if Dillard's had gotten in the Mr. Bingle's, which they had. After purchasing a Bingle, we went to a couple of thrift stores and then back to Dorignac's. When we left Dorignac's we decided to either go to Liuzza's By The Track or Parkway. We decided on Liuzza's since they have a good Reuben sandwich.

We split a Reuben and I had a side of gumbo and Peggy had a side of slaw. Peggy says this is the best slaw she ever eats and I tend to agree with her. With a couple of beverages, our bill was $24.00.

I had a nap in the afternoon and then we went back to Lafayette Square for the Wednesday concert. We mainly went back to get some more Ya-Ka-Mein ($6.00 each), which were still good, but not quite as spicy as last week. After we left the square, we stopped at Mother's for dessert. Bread pudding for Peggy, it has fruit cocktail mixed in - the only time Peggy will eat fruit cocktail and the reason I won't eat Mother's bread pudding. I had a piece of pecan pie, with a couple of beverages, our bill was $16.00.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 14 - October 16

We started our day with breakfast at Camellia Grill. As usual, I had the pancakes and Peggy had a pecan waffle and bacon, with two coffees our bill was $17.00. After breakfast we went to Dorignac's to pick up a few more things before we leave in a couple of days and get a few bakery goodies.

We got back to the apartment around one o'clock and got our washing done and then went to The Napoleon House and split a 1/2 muffuleta. I had two drafts and Peggy had a couple of Blue Moons. Our bill was $24.00. The last time we were at The Napoleon House, one of the waiters (not ours) was passing our table and saw Peggy hit me on the shoulder during what we call The Red Saturn Game (whoever spots a red Saturn first gets to hit the other person). So quickly he also hit me on the opposite shoulder! We all had a laugh and explained the game to him. When we arrived today, he came up to me and pointed out the door and then hit me on the shoulder. That's him, Jordan, above with Peggy. After leaving The Napoleon House we toured the Hustler store and bought a Marilyn Monroe magnet to send to David at Christmas./>

Just around the corner was The Palace and we got in just as they opened. We sat in the bar cafe and ordered two pieces of white chocolate bread pudding. The pieces were about 1/2 the size they use to be, but still cost $7.00 each, with a couple of sodas our bills was $20.00. A little while later, we weren't very hungry and decided to go to Acme for some Boo Fries, the line was LONG, so we walked a few more blocks and ate at Popeyes. On the way back to the apartment I glanced at Acme and there was NO line....Oh Well!

2012n Trip - Day 13 - October 15

We left as early as we could to go to Sam's in Metarie to get my flat fixed. After that we hit a few thrift stores and when lunch time came we went back to Crabby Jack's for another fried green tomato/shrimp remoulade po boy. There was a mix up with my order and they thought I only wanted fried green tomatos & shrimp as a side, so they remade it as a po boy and only charged us the side price, so with two drinks our bill was only $11.00.

Speaking of thrift stores, only in New Orleans will you see a member of the world famous Preservation Hall Jazz Band walking around in one carrying a child's rocking horse.

We at supper at Mona Lisa - as usual, two side salads and a garlic bread pizza - our tab was $21.00. We picked up a couple of pieces of cake for a late snack at The Quartermaster, which sort of made the day come to a circle, since we started the day at Sam's and The Quartermaster buys their cakes from Sam's.

Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 12 - October 14

I got up early this morning to call roadside assistance to change my tire since Sunday morning would be calmer in the FQ. I had to wait on the corner 1/2 an hour for him to show up while Velvet Underground's "Waiting For The Man" ran through my head. Surprising, at least to me, was "the man" turned out to be Pop A Lock. We went to La Peniche for breakfast. I had Matt's Meat Pie (sausage baked in a cornbread crust and covered with pepper gravy) with grits. It was just ok, nothing special. Peggy had her standard 2 egg breakfast with grits, bacon and toast. We can only guess they get these "two" eggs from the same chickens as The Steak House Cafeteria gets their atomic chicken. With two beverages our bill was $24.00

After a very brief rest, we did a little bit of shopping and decided to go for lunch. Our first choice was The Napoleon House, which we found was closed on Sunday, so we walked on down to Felipe's for two tacos, a mini quesadilla and a couple of drinks. Bargain price (at least for the FQ) $12.00. The heat got oppressive today, so we had an afternoon in and headed back to Lafayette Square in the evening for a little more Blues and BBQ Festival

After three days of trying, we finally got a pork bbq from The Joint. It was good smoked meat, but nothing we can't get back home. We caught most of Ms. Lavelle White's performance (photo below) and a good amount of Clarence Carter's performance (no photo, as it was too dark). Clarence Carter was far and away the most polished performer/entertainer that we saw over the three days at the New Orleans Blues & BBQ Festival.

We weren't real hungry after leaving the fest and thought about Mother's for a dessert, but the line was out the door, so we ducked into Popeye's and had two biscuits and a large and regular size tea - total $4.35, our cheapest meal since we've been here!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 11 - October 13

Since it was the weekend, we went to La Peniche for breakfast. Peggy had a pecan waffle and I had The Pancake. Today, the pancake did NOT win, I ate it all! An afternoon rest and then we walked to Lafayette Square for The New Orleans Blues and BBQ Festival. We had a great sandwich (actually 2 since we went back for another) - Cochon de Lait Po Boy from Walker's Love At First Bite. There's slaw underneath the pork and some light sauce that can't be seen in the photo.

At the festival we saw Percy Wiggins and Otis Clay both backed up by The Bo-Keys. Both were old school soul singers.

We stopped by the Seafood Festival on the way back to get strawberry shortcake, but the crowd and lines were tremendous, so we ambled on down the street to Envie Coffee House and Peggy got an iced chai latte and I got a piece of cake. When I asked the cashier what type of cake it was, she looked at it and said..."ummm...berries and cream?". Sounded good enough to me!

2012 Trip - Day 10 - October 12

We started the day with croissants and coke at Croissant D'or. Since I am somewhat more ambulatory today, we walked to Woldenberg Park for The Seafood Festival. We had 1/2 dozen char-grilled oysters from Drago's, a somewhat spicy crabcake from Cafe Hope/Cafe Reconcile, a so-so oyster and brie po boy from 7 on Fulton and an excellent strawberry shortcake from Ernst Cafe.

In the evening we went to Lafayette Square for the New Orleans Blues and BBQ Festival. We had a smoked catfish po boy, a chicken slider (not pictured), a hamburger slider, a chicken sausage on a stick and a sweet potato pie. Everything was just ok, nothing was great.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 9 - October 11

There's not much to report today, since I was stuck inside with a twisted ankle. I had 1/2 of a croissant left from Haydel's. Peggy caught up on the washing. We got lunch across the street at The Quartermaster, also referred to as the Nelly Deli. They make a great triple decker club and with a couple of pieces of cake, our bill was $14.00.

My ankle got a little bit better and we ventured out for supper and found flyers for Cosimo's on Burgundy. Since they delivered we decided to order from them. This was probably a mistake, since the burger was tasteless, although the chili cheese dog was pretty good. The two meals cost $15.00. Guess I should have just gotten something else from The Quartermaster....Live and Learn.

Before we came back to the room, we decided to walk by the car and found that it has a flat tire....first I'm crippled and now the car gets crippled!!

2012 Trip - Day 8 - October 10

We started the day by going way the hell out somewhere to get gas and a few supplies at Wally World. Then we swung back by Haydel's and picked up four almond croissants and a couple of cookies, the cost for all of this was $13.00. After leaving Haydel's we wanted to get to Casamento's early and we made it to Magazine Street around 11:20 about 10 minutes before the lunch crowd arrived.

Peggy had a bowl of oyster stew. As you can see in the below photo, they like butter at Casamento's

I had a cup of gumbo and a 1/2 an oyster loaf. Our tab at Casamento's was $27.00

After an afternoon nap for me, we walked to Lafayette Square for the Wednesday Music On The Square where we heard Colin Lake. We also ate our supper there. We had Ya-Ka-Mein (a mixture of noodles, beef, onions, and boiled egg in a spicy sauce) from Ms Linda The Ya-Ka-Mein Lady. Peggy claims this is the best thing she'd ever had at Lafayette Square and can't wait to get more next week.

We also tried BBQ pulled pork over roasted corn grits from Squeal BBQ. The pulled pork was good, but the roasted corn grits needed a little more salt or some type of seasoning.

We also had a white and dark chocolate brownie parfait from Cafe Adelaide, which was not quite as good as it sounds. With a couple of Barq's, our supper on the square cost us $20.00. After walking back to the apartment and taking at brief rest, we went to d.b.a. to see The Tin Men - Washboard Chaz, Matt Perrine and Alex McMurray. They like to say they are New Orleans premiere washboard, sousaphone, guitar band.

To mar a near perfect day in New Orleans, I fell on the sidewalk when we left d.b.a. and sprained my right ankle. Thus the reason this entry is a day late.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 7 - October 9

Our friend David came in for a short visit today and we went to Camellia Grill for breakfast --  a waffle, bacon, pancakes, omelet and three coffees and the tab was $28.00. After meeting David's roommates Danny and Randy, who had come to take him home, we left them at Cafe du Monde and went in search of our lunch. Drago's gets the credit for introducing char-grilled oysters to the New Orleans dining world and since they now had a location in the bottom of the Hilton, we thought we would give it a try.

These were a couple of dollars cheaper than Acme's and were even better than Acme's. How good were they? Well after polishing off the above dozen we ordered dessert (see below)

Yeah, you rite! We ordered another 1/2 dozen for our dessert. With a couple of drinks, our tab at Drago's was $34.00. Since we had a late lunch, we ate a light supper at P's Louisiana Restaurant....ok, it was Popeye's again! Only $8.00 so it evened out lunch. While eating in Popeye's we saw a sight that we wish we could have taken a photo of...a gentlemen in a very nice suit, french cuffs on his sleeves, wearing a bowtie and carrying a large Sak's shopping bag, came in. He got his order, sat at a table across from us, and tucked a paper napkin over his bowtie before he ate...making for quite an unusual pairing of fast food and New Orleans lawyer look.

On the way back to the apartment we walked by a club called The Rainbow Room with the hawker out front showing us a sign letting us know it was Tranny Tuesday.

Earlier today at Rouse's, Peggy got some New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Chicory and Coffee ice cream. I had a bite of it and can only say it was so good it transcended the mere words ice cream. I had a piece of coconut cake from the Quartermaster across the street - no photo since I assume everyone knows what a piece of cake looks like...but then again you know what they say about the word assume!

2912 Trip - Day 6 - October 8

We were going out of the FQ today, so we had a light breakfast at Croissant D'Or. Peggy had a pastry called Frangipane named for the almond creme filling. I had a blueberry croissant. We split a coke. Our tab was $7.00.

After hitting a few thrift stores on Jefferson Highway, we stopped by Haydel's Bakery and found they were closed on Monday. We decided to have lunch at Crabby Jacks, since I had heard it was good. We had their most famous po boy - Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp Remoulade. Sounded good and tasted even better, although it was one more messy sandwich to eat. Our lunch here cost us $15.00 and was well worth it. I hope to get to go back and try something else. Of course coming back from Jefferson, I got off at the wrong exit and wound up on the West Bank and had to pay a toll to get back over the bridge into New Orleans. I can't count the times this has happened to me, looks like I would learn, but the old are so forgetful :-)

For an afternoon snack we stopped by Cafe du Monde for two cafe au laits and one order of beignets. We found the cafe au lait to be weak and Peggy never really likes the beignets. I sort of wished they were hot Krispy Kremes. Our afternoon snack cost $8.00.

Light dinner tonight was at Remoulade (Arnaud's casual side). We split a piece of boudin (got too excited about eating it and forgot to take a photo) and an order of Natchitoches Meat Pies. The boudin was excellent, the meat pies were very good, and the fries as usual were terrible. With a couple of soda's our bill was $18.00.

Monday, October 8, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 5 - October 7

Hint - If you're in New Orleans and it's the weekend, go where the tourists aren't. A tip of my own that I forgot, since it took us several tries to get a breakfast spot. Tried Croissant D'or - all the raspberry croissants were already gone. Tried Camellia Grill - people pressed up to the window inside waiting for a space at the counter, Tried Antoine's Annex - lots of pastries, but also lots of people waiting in line for coffee/hot chocolate. So we went back to La Peniche. I had pepper sausage gravy with two biscuits (what we call cat-head biscuits in SC) and cheese grits. Peggy had a pecan waffle, with a couple of coffees, our tab ran $20.00. As an extra added bonus just before we left the restaurant,  I was treated to an impromptu round of  "Guess My Muff" provided by a female patron seated across the room from me.

One of the main ideas of eating in New Orleans is that there are so many locally owned places, you never have to eat at a chain. After making that statement, I have to confess that we ate at Popeyes with a twofold reasoning. One, we like Popeyes and two, we don't have a Popeyes anywhere near us in upstate SC. We split the small lunch you see above for a very reasonable $8.00.

 We went for an early supper, since we wanted to be back to see the finale of Hell On Wheels. Mona Lisa is pretty much our go to place on Saturday or Sunday, since it's off most tourists' radar. We had a couple of house salads and a garlic cheese pizza. I got a photo of the salads, but forgot to take one of the pizza, although you can see a slice that comes with the salad on the plate below (tab here was 21.00). Mona Lisa is a very quiet restaurant, which some drunks in the back corner were loudly proclaiming "they really liked how quiet it was". I guess alcohol and irony don't really mix.