Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 8 - October 10

We started the day by going way the hell out somewhere to get gas and a few supplies at Wally World. Then we swung back by Haydel's and picked up four almond croissants and a couple of cookies, the cost for all of this was $13.00. After leaving Haydel's we wanted to get to Casamento's early and we made it to Magazine Street around 11:20 about 10 minutes before the lunch crowd arrived.

Peggy had a bowl of oyster stew. As you can see in the below photo, they like butter at Casamento's

I had a cup of gumbo and a 1/2 an oyster loaf. Our tab at Casamento's was $27.00

After an afternoon nap for me, we walked to Lafayette Square for the Wednesday Music On The Square where we heard Colin Lake. We also ate our supper there. We had Ya-Ka-Mein (a mixture of noodles, beef, onions, and boiled egg in a spicy sauce) from Ms Linda The Ya-Ka-Mein Lady. Peggy claims this is the best thing she'd ever had at Lafayette Square and can't wait to get more next week.

We also tried BBQ pulled pork over roasted corn grits from Squeal BBQ. The pulled pork was good, but the roasted corn grits needed a little more salt or some type of seasoning.

We also had a white and dark chocolate brownie parfait from Cafe Adelaide, which was not quite as good as it sounds. With a couple of Barq's, our supper on the square cost us $20.00. After walking back to the apartment and taking at brief rest, we went to d.b.a. to see The Tin Men - Washboard Chaz, Matt Perrine and Alex McMurray. They like to say they are New Orleans premiere washboard, sousaphone, guitar band.

To mar a near perfect day in New Orleans, I fell on the sidewalk when we left d.b.a. and sprained my right ankle. Thus the reason this entry is a day late.

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