Thursday, October 18, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 16 - October 18

 We skipped breakfast and headed for a book sale in Kenner. La. It was a pretty good sale and we spent $75.00 on items to sell later on Ebay. When we left the sale we topped the gas tank off so we would be ready to roll tomorrow morning. Since we were already on Jefferson Highway, I decided to go back to Crabby Jack's and try a different Po Boy. This one was called Fluer De Bree, it was baked ham, roast beef, with roast beef debris and gravy. Pretty good, but it didn't match up to the Fried Green Tomato one. Mother's has a similar Po Boy and we've tried it also, I just don't get the mix of ham and roast beef. Our total bill at Crabby Jacks with two beverages was $14.00.

Peggy got us partially packed this afternoon and then we went to Drago's and had a dozen char-broiled oysters and a couple of beverages, out total bill was $24.00. We stopped at Rouse's on the way back to the apartment and bought some boudin and a cooler and are hoping to get it home before it spoils. 

After dropping off our groceries, we went to d.b.a to see My Graveyard Jaw featuring Stix duh Clown. They used to perform on the street and did old timey music. We got there near the end of their first set and one song was good, but then he started doing a very sensitive song about how we were treating the earth. I had to leave or either start laughing. I can't stand that kind of crap song, but when it's coming from a man with clown marks permanently tattooed on his face, that's just TOO MUCH for me!

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