Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 7 - October 9

Our friend David came in for a short visit today and we went to Camellia Grill for breakfast --  a waffle, bacon, pancakes, omelet and three coffees and the tab was $28.00. After meeting David's roommates Danny and Randy, who had come to take him home, we left them at Cafe du Monde and went in search of our lunch. Drago's gets the credit for introducing char-grilled oysters to the New Orleans dining world and since they now had a location in the bottom of the Hilton, we thought we would give it a try.

These were a couple of dollars cheaper than Acme's and were even better than Acme's. How good were they? Well after polishing off the above dozen we ordered dessert (see below)

Yeah, you rite! We ordered another 1/2 dozen for our dessert. With a couple of drinks, our tab at Drago's was $34.00. Since we had a late lunch, we ate a light supper at P's Louisiana Restaurant....ok, it was Popeye's again! Only $8.00 so it evened out lunch. While eating in Popeye's we saw a sight that we wish we could have taken a photo of...a gentlemen in a very nice suit, french cuffs on his sleeves, wearing a bowtie and carrying a large Sak's shopping bag, came in. He got his order, sat at a table across from us, and tucked a paper napkin over his bowtie before he ate...making for quite an unusual pairing of fast food and New Orleans lawyer look.

On the way back to the apartment we walked by a club called The Rainbow Room with the hawker out front showing us a sign letting us know it was Tranny Tuesday.

Earlier today at Rouse's, Peggy got some New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Chicory and Coffee ice cream. I had a bite of it and can only say it was so good it transcended the mere words ice cream. I had a piece of coconut cake from the Quartermaster across the street - no photo since I assume everyone knows what a piece of cake looks like...but then again you know what they say about the word assume!

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