Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 14 - October 16

We started our day with breakfast at Camellia Grill. As usual, I had the pancakes and Peggy had a pecan waffle and bacon, with two coffees our bill was $17.00. After breakfast we went to Dorignac's to pick up a few more things before we leave in a couple of days and get a few bakery goodies.

We got back to the apartment around one o'clock and got our washing done and then went to The Napoleon House and split a 1/2 muffuleta. I had two drafts and Peggy had a couple of Blue Moons. Our bill was $24.00. The last time we were at The Napoleon House, one of the waiters (not ours) was passing our table and saw Peggy hit me on the shoulder during what we call The Red Saturn Game (whoever spots a red Saturn first gets to hit the other person). So quickly he also hit me on the opposite shoulder! We all had a laugh and explained the game to him. When we arrived today, he came up to me and pointed out the door and then hit me on the shoulder. That's him, Jordan, above with Peggy. After leaving The Napoleon House we toured the Hustler store and bought a Marilyn Monroe magnet to send to David at Christmas./>

Just around the corner was The Palace and we got in just as they opened. We sat in the bar cafe and ordered two pieces of white chocolate bread pudding. The pieces were about 1/2 the size they use to be, but still cost $7.00 each, with a couple of sodas our bills was $20.00. A little while later, we weren't very hungry and decided to go to Acme for some Boo Fries, the line was LONG, so we walked a few more blocks and ate at Popeyes. On the way back to the apartment I glanced at Acme and there was NO line....Oh Well!

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