Sunday, October 7, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 4 - October 6

We started the day at one of our favorite breakfast places, La Peniche. Peggy had eggs, grits, toast, and bacon and I had the pancake....Yes, the pancake as in one pancake (see below) and sausage. I tried my best but I just could not quite finish eating all of it. (tab at La Peniche was $29.00)

Lunch had to be pretty small since we were still somewhat stuffed from breakfast, so we went back to Felipe's Taqueria  - char-broiled chicken for Peggy, pork for me, and we split a chorizo taco (although neither one of us cared much for the chorizo). Our tab was slightly higher today ($13.00) because I had a Mexican Coke.

Supper was at Mother's. This place gets a bad rap as a tourist joint, but I've eaten all over town the past 15 years and I personally think their debris roast beef po boy is great. It gets better with each bite you take. We split a debris po boy and a piece of sweet potato pie. Unfortunately the pie was lacking in flavor. Cost of eating at Mothers - $23.00.

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