Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 12 - October 14

I got up early this morning to call roadside assistance to change my tire since Sunday morning would be calmer in the FQ. I had to wait on the corner 1/2 an hour for him to show up while Velvet Underground's "Waiting For The Man" ran through my head. Surprising, at least to me, was "the man" turned out to be Pop A Lock. We went to La Peniche for breakfast. I had Matt's Meat Pie (sausage baked in a cornbread crust and covered with pepper gravy) with grits. It was just ok, nothing special. Peggy had her standard 2 egg breakfast with grits, bacon and toast. We can only guess they get these "two" eggs from the same chickens as The Steak House Cafeteria gets their atomic chicken. With two beverages our bill was $24.00

After a very brief rest, we did a little bit of shopping and decided to go for lunch. Our first choice was The Napoleon House, which we found was closed on Sunday, so we walked on down to Felipe's for two tacos, a mini quesadilla and a couple of drinks. Bargain price (at least for the FQ) $12.00. The heat got oppressive today, so we had an afternoon in and headed back to Lafayette Square in the evening for a little more Blues and BBQ Festival

After three days of trying, we finally got a pork bbq from The Joint. It was good smoked meat, but nothing we can't get back home. We caught most of Ms. Lavelle White's performance (photo below) and a good amount of Clarence Carter's performance (no photo, as it was too dark). Clarence Carter was far and away the most polished performer/entertainer that we saw over the three days at the New Orleans Blues & BBQ Festival.

We weren't real hungry after leaving the fest and thought about Mother's for a dessert, but the line was out the door, so we ducked into Popeye's and had two biscuits and a large and regular size tea - total $4.35, our cheapest meal since we've been here!

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