Saturday, October 13, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 11 - October 13

Since it was the weekend, we went to La Peniche for breakfast. Peggy had a pecan waffle and I had The Pancake. Today, the pancake did NOT win, I ate it all! An afternoon rest and then we walked to Lafayette Square for The New Orleans Blues and BBQ Festival. We had a great sandwich (actually 2 since we went back for another) - Cochon de Lait Po Boy from Walker's Love At First Bite. There's slaw underneath the pork and some light sauce that can't be seen in the photo.

At the festival we saw Percy Wiggins and Otis Clay both backed up by The Bo-Keys. Both were old school soul singers.

We stopped by the Seafood Festival on the way back to get strawberry shortcake, but the crowd and lines were tremendous, so we ambled on down the street to Envie Coffee House and Peggy got an iced chai latte and I got a piece of cake. When I asked the cashier what type of cake it was, she looked at it and said..."ummm...berries and cream?". Sounded good enough to me!

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