Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 2 - October 4

We started the day at Camellia Grill which now has a location in the French Quarter. Unfortunately, even though I had the camera in my pocket, I forgot photos, so maybe next time. Peggy proclaimed her pecan waffle the best ever. I had a cheese and sausage omelet with hash browns which I found to be good, but not great. ($22.55 was our total.) There was a lot of banter between the waiters and the sole white employee took some ribbing, not only because he looked like Jerry Seinfeld, but he was also told he was hired only because of affirmative action. 

We went to a couple of thrift stores across the river and found a few treasures. After that, we tried to get to Dorignac's to "make groceries" and get some of things from their great bakery, but because of road construction, we got caught in a traffic jam and decided to make our way back to the FQ. 

We went for a late lunch at The Napoleon House and split a 1/2 muffaletta (photo at top) and drank several beers (Our tab, $24.00). We even spotted Elvis hanging out there. After getting a pretty good buzz  from the beers, we wandered the streets like two old demented people (which of course no one thought was out of place here) until we spotted one of our favorite places, Southern Candymakers.

In our opinion, these are the best pralines in New Orleans, plus they have loads of other candies. We bought a couple of pralines, a dark chocolate peanut butter cup and a white chocolate peanut butter covered Ritz. ($10.00).

On the way back to the apartment we caught a couple of good street musicians. One group was playing Jewish music. The other group, led by Doreen, was performing Dock of The Bay. The quality/talent of these groups were both at professional levels. 

Not being all that hungry, we decided to give Camellia Grill a chance for a snack size supper. The personable staff wanted us to try a cheeseburger "dressed" and with grilled onions and Peggy wanted a Mocha Freeze (their version of a shake). We decided to split a burger and Will on The Grill said he would throw in fries for free and Brock said he would make enough Freeze that we could split that also. With all the lagniappe, this turned out be our cheapest meal so far ($11.00)

We differed on our opinion, Peggy thought the burger was just ok, I thought it was what I call a "fine damn burger". We both agreed the Freeze was nothing special. 

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