Friday, October 5, 2012

2012 Trip - Day 3 - October 5

Since we didn't make it to Dorignac's yesterday, I wanted to go today early and get back early, so we had a light breakfast at Croissant D'Or - 2 raspberry croissants and we split a coke (tab - $6.00)

Then we were off to Dorignac's to make some groceries - well mostly to get some items from their bakery.

I can't imagine there's a better grocery store bakery anywhere else. Standing in front of the counter is Roy the bakery manager and red shirt guy who complained his cherry pie didn't have enough cherries. He said he should have brought it back, but he ate it anyway. This all translated to I want a free pie! He 
got one too.

We stocked up on some goodies - a slice each of orange cake & lemon cake, a Napoleon, and 2 lemon and 2 chocolate doberge squares. We ate the orange and lemon cake slices earlier for snack, the orange one was good, but the lemon one was sort of dry. Guess you can't get a winner every time.

For lunch we headed to Yo Mama's for a burger. I didn't get a shot of the outside, but here's a view of the inside taken from our table. The fellow to the right was a hoot and entertained the people he was with and also us. He sort of talked and looked a little bit like Max Baer as Jethro Bodine.

We split a cheeseburger and got an extra baked potato. Peggy had two Blue Moon beers and I had two Miller High Lifes. The beers were way to expensive (tourist rip off prices $4.50 and $4.00 each respective) and this made our total tab here $37.00. While Peggy says this is a "damn fine burger", I actually preferred the one we had last night at Camellia Grill.

Went to DBA and caught Hot Club of New Orleans - not really our cup of tea. It was what I like to call Woody Allen music. We had a couple of beers and left right before their first set ended. Since we were pretty stuffed from lunch and our afternoon cake snacks, we wanted something light for supper. We walked way back down to the other end of the FQ to eat at Felipe's Taqueria. 

We had three tacos (char-grilled chicken for Peggy, pork for me, and we split a marinated pork), with 2 root beers our tab was only $12.00. Not only was this a good meal, but cheap also.

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