Friday, October 3, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 1 - October 3

I thought I had died and gone to Hell this morning, but realized I was just driving (well sitting still and occasionally creeping along) through Atlanta on I-85 in a rain storm. Surely, Hell would be more pleasant than this! This threw us somewhere between and hour and an hour and a half behind schedule.....well, the schedule I had set for myself. We finally arrived in New Orleans shortly before six pm CST and really lucked out when someone left a parking spot directly across from the apartment.


After we did some unpacking, we made our way to Mona Lisa on Royal Street for a couple of salads and a garlic pizza with fresh basil and tomatoes...I know this isn't a typical New Orleans meal, but it's one of our favorites and since it's a just a tad off the beaten path, it's usually not too busy on a Friday  night. With a couple of sodas, our bill was 25.00 pre tip. After eating we walked down Royal for several blocks and turned back up walked back up Bourbon and back to the apartment to rest up for tomorrow.

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