Sunday, October 12, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 9 - October 11

Horn's now occupies the space that our beloved La Peniche used to be in, but we thought we would give them a try. All I can say is too bad that La Peniche is gone, because Horn's sure didn't win us over. Everything but the sausage was overcooked with Peggy's waffle being so hard, she got tired of cutting it. The manager did come back and asked us how things were and when she told him about the waffle, he took it off our bill...guess I should have told him, that I'm no fan of crispy pancakes....yes crispy pancakes. Oh well, live and learn. I'm not even going to provide a link to this place, since it was such a disappointment.

We went to The Mint, part of the Parks Department, to see Tom Buck, who gave a one hour lecture with examples on the development of Jazz in New bad  regular school was never this entertaining. He was introduced by park ranger, Bruce in Sunpie Barnes. After this concert we walked around to Louisiana Music Factory and caught the last part of Kyndra Joi & Soul Therapy. There was hardly anyone there and those that were there drifted off....too bad...I think they looked at this group and thought "just a bunch of sisters from the hood".... but they were super talented and had good stage presence.

After these two shows we went to Molly's at The Market where there is a tiny restaurant in the back called L'enfant. We had scotch eggs which were wrapped in boudin and covered with a remoulade sauce. These were quite tasty and I would definitely recommend them.

We went to One Eyed Jack's and saw Fleur de Tease's Halloween show and after the show we finally made it back to Acme again for some Boo Fries and Meat Pies (the meal that rhymes). Looks like 10 pm on a Saturday night is when the line is finally down.

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