Saturday, October 11, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 8 - October 10

We had a light breakfast at Wink's Bakery (buttermilk drops and honeybun), since we planned to have a larger meal at lunch at Sobou. One of the attractions was 25 cent martinis, the other was some interesting small plates. I had boudin balls, sweet potato beignets (foie gras fondue, duck debris, chicory coffee ganache), and pork belly steam bun (confit pork belly, pickled napa cabbage, with a peach bbq sauce) . Peggy had kale and satsuma salad with spicy pecans, goat cheese, and muscadine vinaigrette and for dessert we split a pecan pie not pie (served in a jar with a chocolate covered cracklin and peanut butter whipped cream) with a couple of martinis, a rum collins, and coffee. I needed a nap this afternoon.

After my nap, we went to DBA and saw Linzzi Zaorski  (old time swing songs), but while her voice was still good, she just didn't have the snazzy stage presence she's had in the past, we attribute this to her being four months pregnant.

After seeing Linzzi, we walked down to Canal Street and caught the streetcar to Chickie Wah Wah  (how I love to say that name), since one of our favorites, Paul Sanchez, was playing there. It is a super nice small club and they have a restaurant inside, Blue Oak BBQ. We had pork bbq nachos, which were pretty good, but the standout was the Beef Brisket Tacos, they were so good, we wished we had skipped the nachos and got two orders of the tacos.

This was a big adventure for us, out riding the streetcar at night to an unfamiliar (at least at night) part of town. We found that, just like everyone else in town, the streetcar drivers (at least the ones we had) are very nice. As an added treat on the way back in, a mentally disturbed woman boarded and I realized that I enjoy being on a streetcar with people like this....I guess New Orleans is the place for me!

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