Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 12 - October 14

After the storms yesterday, the internet wouldn't connect on our laptop or Peggy's Kindle, but for some reason would connect on my Nook. We went to Cafe Envie since they had free internet, but once again they screwed our orders up. After catching up with our online pages, we went out of the French Quarter and did some thrifting and then stopped by Dorignac's to load up on some items to take home that we can't get in Greenville. Dorignac's has a new commercial on TV down here where there slogan is "We Got Dat" and to my amazement that have Dukes Mayonnaise, although we're getting pretty used to Blue Plate, which is to New Orleans what Duke's is to us native Greenvillians.

We picked up a few things from the Dorignac's bakery also and headed to Parkway for a roast beef po boy, but to our chagrin, they were closed on Tuesday. We thought about going to Cafe Reconcile but when we checked, we found they had already closed for the day. I remembered I always wanted to try Cochon, so we headed out to Tchoupitoulas and got a parking spot just a half block from their door.

This was a great meal, we had wood fired oysters with chili garlic butter, fried boudin with pickled peppers, gumbo, and an apple and beet salad with pecans, feta and pickled mustard seed vinaigrette. For dessert we had upside-down pineapple cake with cherry sherbet and dulce de leche.

Later at the apartment, we realized we had eaten so much, we didn't need another meal, so we ate a couple of pastries from Dorignac's and a couple of buttermilk drops we had gotten this morning when we passed by Wink's.

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