Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 4 - October 6

We started our day once again a Wink's Bakery, where we split a breakfast sandwich and an order of buttermilk drops. What a great place and everyone that works there seems to be really nice also.With a couple of coffees, our bill was 12.00.

After some roaming around the French Quarter, we decided to head over to Dragos for some chargrilled oysters, the first dozen was so good, we ordered a second dozen. Even though this was suppose to be a light lunch, we found that we were pretty full by the end of the second batch. With a couple of sodas, our bill was 50.00 pre tip.

After some more roaming about the French Quarter and resting some at the apartment, we decided just to split a club sandwich and pick up a couple of pieces of cake from The Quartermaster (sometimes referred to as The Nellie Deli), with a couple of sodas our bill was 18.00.

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