Thursday, October 9, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 7 - October 9

 We started our day at Wink's Bakery again, splitting a breakfast sandwich and an order of buttermilk drops. After breakfast we headed over the bridge to The West Bank and did some thrifting and then drove into Algiers Point, since we're considering that as one of our move to places next year.

After getting back to this side of the river (surprisingly there is no longer a toll coming back into New Orleans), we went to Liuzza's By The Track for their great Reuben sandwich, slaw, and gumbo. Peggy says that's the best slaw she's ever eaten, I'm still partial to the slaw at Holmes Hot Dogs in Spartanburg, SC. She also liked my gumbo, and she's not a big gumbo eater like me. I think they have one of the best in New Orleans.

I found out why there was nothing going on in Armstrong Park yesterday, it was old people get confused easily. We walked over and caught the last part of Daria and the Hip Drops, a good act, but Daria doesn't have the best voice in the world.  We caught a little bit of Jon Cleary before heading back into the FQ. 

Coop's had  a line out the door again...I'm assuming it has been featured on some TV show, since it has never been that crowed here before, not even on the weekends. Since Molly's was also packed, we headed a little further down the street to The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen. We used to eat here quite often, but it has been many years since we dined there. The wood fired Margherita pizza was delicious and we also split a bread pudding with lemon Chantilly sauce, which was pretty good.

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