Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 2 - October 4

We started the day at Wink's Bakery, I had a terrific honey bun and Peggy had buttermilk drops, which she said were like eating a cloud of goodness. 

Thought they would be busy, but The Napoleon House wasn't too full and we were able to get a good table in the bar area. We split a 1/2 of a muffaletta and a couple of beers. One minor disappointment, they switched from Michelob dark draft to Abita Amber, which isn't as good. I drank mine and finished Peggy's and she ordered a Blue Moon instead, but the sandwich was good as usual, 23.00 pre tip.

On the way to Louisiana Music Factory we stopped by Envie Expresso Bar and Cafe for a couple of white chocolate lattes, which were mighty tasty. At the record store, we saw Jimmy Carpenter and then went back later and saw Susan Cowsill. She wasn't scheduled to perform, but had come by to support an artist friend of hers who was doing a pop up art show and decided to do a short set (4 songs). Peggy preferred Jimmy Carpenter best,  but I liked Susan Cowsill better and wished she had done a longer set.

We were in the mood for charbroiled oysters for dinner, but Acme was swamped and Dragos was a 30 minute wait, so we swung by Popeye's and got a couple of chicken finger combos. Later we had part of a dark chocolate mocha mini cake we had picked up from Wink's earlier.

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  1. Thanks almost like dying there remotely