Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 11 - October 13

We started the day by taking a white knuckle drive across The Causeway Bridge (longest continuous bridge over water in the world). I was in for 24 miles of pure grip the hell out of the steering wheel and hope I don't have a blow out and go over the side (3 people have died so far this year going off the bridge). With relief we made it across and we went to see our friend Eddie Rome, who used to live next door to us on Bourbon.

Eddie had a great house and a new sweet dog named Olivia. After we caught up on some things, we went to downtown Covington to eat lunch at Mattina Bella Restaurant. I had Blue Crab Benedict and Peggy had a Western omelet, everything was mighty tasty.

After brunch, we rode around a little bit and saw the countryside then made our way to Abita Springs (yes, where the beer is made), but the real treat was when Eddie said he wanted to take us to this museum. Well, have you ever forgotten something that you really wanted to do...this museum was one of those things for me. It used to be called the UCM Museum, but is now changed to The Mystery Museum. Full of....well, everything you could think of to collect.

After dropping Eddie back off at his house, we had to make that white knuckle drive back across the bridge and they charged me a 3.00 toll for that pleasure. We decided to go to The Palace Cafe for their 5 after 5 special and it rained all the way during our walk, but we made it in at 6:45, just 15 minutes before the cutoff....unfortunately, we didn't get waited on until 5 minutes after the cutoff time. I decided to complain to the management and this got fixed posthaste. We had buffalo oysters,  duck spring rolls with a vidalia onion marmalade dip, and of course, our true reason to come...White Chocolate Bread Pudding! Best dessert in town, even though the slices cost more than our appetizers

One final note, we got some new neighbors and the redhead sitting outside introduced herself as GINGER...who woulda guessed!

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