Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 10 - October 12

We started the day out at Camellia Grill with pancakes and pecan waffle....oh, so much better than the bad breakfast at Horn's yesterday. We visited some of the bookstores in the French Quarter and then I had a mid afternoon nap.

After my nap, we went back to Drago's for a dozen charbroiled oysters and some bread pudding. Our waitress was close to being surly and won the award for the least liked server we've had so far (I guess she can still be topped before we leave). She wasn't terrible, just seems she might be in the wrong line of work.

We visited the Hustler store and had a fun time checking out two floors of adult goodies. My favorite thing was one of the classifications in the "DVD Special Interest Section" labeled "Family"....really a family section.....oh, not for the family, but about bad...anyway, that amused me.

We needed a little something else to eat before heading back in and decided on Cafe Maspero's. We used to eat there a lot in the past, but haven't been there in many years. The oysters on the po boy were very good, but the sandwich could have used more oysters....guessed we're spoiled. Next time, we'll just order an oyster dinner - more oysters less bread. The banana bread pudding was ok, not great. My favorite thing about the whole meal was when we ordered Barq's in the bottle, our waitress wanted to warn us, we couldn't get any refills on them....really, you mean you want refill my bottle...haha...but she was nice and just trying to look out for us old codgers!

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