Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Trip - Day 5 - October 7

Since we were going to have an early lunch (at least for us), we just grabbed a couple of coffees from Cafe Envie. They made them wrong, but they were still better than Starbucks. 

We drove out to Magazine Street and ate at Casamento's. Peggy had a bowl of oyster stew and I had 1/2 of an oyster loaf and a cup of seafood gumbo. We both had long neck Barq's and they were served with the tiny glasses.

After a brief stop at Wally World to pick up some supplies, we drove to Gentilly to see our friends David and Danny. It was a super nice neighborhood, very clean and quiet, but in my opinion (and whose else really matters), it's to far out if you want to live in New Orleans. 

After arriving back in the French Quarter, we got a pretty good parking spot. We decided to walk down to Wink's to get a couple of desserts for later in the evening. We bought a cinnamon roll and a brownie, but best of all, they had buttermilk drops fresh out out of the fryer and we ate all three (you get 3 per order) while walking back to the apartment. These truly deserve the letters OMG. 

We walked back to Riverwalk Mall for Peggy to pickup some shoes...they could only find one shoe of a pair last night, but sometime in the last 24 hours they found the mate. It wasn't too far of a walk from the mall to Mother's. We split a debris po boy and some potato salad. Our server brought someone else's seafood gumbo to the table and he said just keep it for free. It was pretty good, made even better by being free. An amusement near the end of the meal came when our server told us even though the sign said no tipping, it was ok to leave something on the table. Amusing, since we never saw the sign and always leave a tip there.

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