Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009 Trip Day 18 - May 30

I forgot this yesterday - At DBA I got a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Beer - this was the WORST beer I have ever had. I've never drunk dirty sock water, but I imagine it would taste something like this barleywine beer.

We started the day at La Peniche. I had a pancake (10 inch plate with a 12 inch pancake). Peggy got scrambled eggs, smoked sausage, grits and toast. She gave me half the smoked sausage and I gave her a piece of pancake. With coffee, orange juice and a coke - 21.00.

Went to Louisiana Music Factory and saw Benny Maygarden - pretty standard blues band stuff, but still good. I would name the band "Old F**kers Still Getting It Done".

We then walked back to the apartment and walked Hank and after a very brief rest, we walked back to Louisiana Music Factory again and caught the last part of Preservation Hall Jazz Band. They put on a great show.

We went down to the river and saw a little bit of Rockin Dopsie, but the crowd was large and we didn't stay for very long.

After a nap.....HEY, I was tired from walking.....we sat out for dinner. We first went to El Gato Negro, but they had several large groups and we decided to try somewhere else. Since it was Saturday, I like to go to Mona Lisa and get the white pizza and a couple of salads. I didn't go there at first, since I had just been there last night and didn't want to go to the same restaurant two nights in row. But it was just what I wanted. With two sodas - 21.00.

My usual Saturday night stroll down Bourbon...which wasn't real crowded....back up Royal and back to the apartment and walked Hank. Now my feet are tired again :-)

Tomorrow, we await the arrival of The Man, The Myth, The Legend.....The Lightning Bug.

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  1. Howdy Dr. Nut,

    Benny Maygarden here-- this particular gig was frankly not our finest hour. Playing in the daylight seems to have addled my aged sidemen's brains, and the LMF posted the performance on Youtube! Ouch. Fortunately, the Blues is one of the few genres where age is not a detriment to credibility, and you should check us out again (maybe at night), or check out the CD, for some less standard stuff! Cheers!