Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009 Trip Day 21 - June 2

We were going to have a light breakfast at Croissant d'Or, but found that they were closed today. We went by Cafe Envie and Zack and Peggy got coffees and we came back to the apartment and I had a little bite of cake and Zack ate a doughnut he got from Dorignac's yesterday.

We drove out to Broadway (just beyond Tulane and Loyola) and went to Mushroom records. This is a really cool place. You have to climb a steep flight of stairs to get upstairs to their store. Once you are there, they have piles and piles of cds, records, and movies. I got a couple of videos and maybe a rare record - The Refreshments ep on blue vinyl. I couldn't tell what the price was 10.99 or 19.99 and Peggy asked at the counter and the girl said 10.99, but that they could probably do better and she called someone else over who said sure - 4.99 - that was a great discount. I also got a couple of videos and Zack got a video and a couple of buttons.

Lunch was at Cafe Reconcile. Our greeter was so short, I didn't realize that she was even there at first. She was also our waitress and was the best wait person we have ever had there. Zack had catfish, mac and cheese and collard greens. Peggy had catfish, garlic mashed potatoes and sweet corn (which tasted fried). I had the smothered pork chop....it was smothered in gravy :-) plus garlic mashed potatoes and mac and cheese plus we had a couple of pieces of jalapeno cornbread. Then Peggy and I split a bananas foster breading pudding and Zack ate one on his own. With 3 drinks, the bill was 36.00 - a steal of a deal in New Orleans. And we were all stuffed. So stuffed, I think I went into a food coma and had to have a short nap when I got back to the apartment.

Rained during the afternoon, but we were finally able to get out around 5 and we strolled Decatur Street looking in some junk/antique shops and t-shirt shops.

We headed on down to Yo Mama's to get our cheeseburger fix. Peggy and I split a cheddar burger with an extra potato and Zack had the same for himself. The cheeseburgers were mighty tasty, but once again the potatoes could have used a little more baking.

We had a short rest at the apartment and then walked Hank and left to go to the new Rock N Bowl. We are mainly going to see if it resembles the old Rock n Bowl.

First the adventure of finding the new Rock n Bowl. Zack and I both said it was on Carrollton. We rode down Carrollton and couldn't find it. I finally wound up on some side street and saw a Xavier University Cop. I got out and asked him for directions to the new Rock n Bowl. He gave me great directions......back to the old site of Rock n Bowl. I got Zack to call information and as he was telling us the directions....that it was at the corner of Earhart and Carrollton and that was exactly where we were sitting, stopped at a red light. After I figured out where to park, we finally made it inside.

It looks a lot like the old Rock n Bowl, but bigger and newer. Eddie Zip was playing. He was ok, but the best parts of his show was when he let the other two members of the band sing.

Back to the FQ and hunting down a parking spot. Finally found one that I was semi-comfortable with and made it in around 11:30. Peggy and I finished out the night with cakes that we bought at Dorignac's the other day.

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