Monday, June 1, 2009

2009 Trip Day 20 - June 1

We thought about going to Petunia's, but Zack finally said he really wanted the peanut butter/banana waffle from La Peniche. Since they were going to be closed for the next 2 days (they're open 24/5) and it was good as always. Peggy had the blueberry pancake and I had gravy biscuits and a fried egg.

We went out Airline Highway to Bridge House Thrift and got a few things. Then we found our way over to Vets and went to Dorignac's. Picked up some items to carry home and a few things from the bakery for later tonight.

On the way out for lunch, we saw our friend Ron at Preservation Hall and he invited us to be his guests tonight at The Hall.

We ate at Napoleon House. We split a muff between Peggy and myself and Zack had a veal parmesan poboy. We all drank Amber Bock Beers.

We went down toward Decatur and went to Urban Outfitters. Peggy got a hat that actually fit her. Then we went down a few doors to Peaches Records where everything is overpriced and the staff is rude. Avoid this place - Go to Louisiana Music Factory for a nice staff with a great selection.

After a little rest, we went to Preservation Hall. The guy at the gate called Ron to check if it was ok to let us in. It was a great show and someone requested Clint Maedgen sing "Complicated Life" and I requested " Shimmy Like My Sister Kate" since I had seen Walter Payton sing it at Louisiana Music Factory. Not only are his vocals good, but he does a great presentation of the song. We left after the first set, since we had to get dinner.

We went to Acme and Peggy and I split a dozen charbroiled oysters and Zack had a bowl of seafood gumbo(I got a taste and it was.....tasty). Plus he had an order of hush puppies.

We stopped by Cafe Du Monde and we all had a cafe au lait.

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